Theme: Haunted Jungle Island
PvE/PvP: Both
Daily AP: 75--85
Population: Healthy
Extra Notes: Class choice matters, large variety of mobs, some terraforming, some crafting, friendly developer who interacts with community.

Shartak's Theme

The game of Shartak is set on a small jungle island, out in the ocean. Vying for control of this island are two main factions: the spiritual natives and the technological outsiders. There are also two minor factions, the pirates (outsiders) and the cannibals (natives). Each faction has its own village (or in the case of the pirates, a ship) with a shaman present to revive them should they fall. The island itself is populated with various animals, including the unusual shargle (a type of aggressive flightless bird), tropical plants (though lacking in coconuts!), an extensive cavern system with multiple layers, and a few notable ruins.

The game is a mixture of PvE and PvP, with the community largely focusing on the latter. During the game's peak it hosted several notable factions such as "The Royal Court of Greater Raktam" (A native RP group), "The Necromancers Guild" (An RPing PKer group), and even "Kraken Hunters" (An RP PvE raid group). While many of the game's groups are now silent, the game still has a respectable player base; enough to support a population of both PvEers and PvPers in equal measure.

One of the most notable systems in shartak is how it handles player death. Rather than the more traditional "respawn" mechanic in most modern games, Shartak opts to have the player transform into an incorporeal ghost. Ghost players have many limitations, but they also have their own skillsets and may choose to "revive" at either their village or one of the wandering shaman nearby. In larger raids, village shaman have been known to be killed, sometimes leading to players being forced to revive at a wandering shaman (imposing a higher AP penalty, and the need to travel back home).

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